Covid-19 and traveling in Albania

December 6, 2021

Traveling in Albania has grown since the implementation of Covid-19 safe travel policy by the Albanian government since March 2021. This policy included the following measures:
– The mandatory vaccination of people working in the tourism industry.
– The issue of vaccination certificates for vaccinated people which is recognized by the European institutions.
– All foreigners traveling into Albania, should have a valid vaccination certificate. In some cases a negative test of Covid – 19 is required.
– All airports, ports and border crossing points into Albania are equipped with laboratories which can perform instant Covid-19 tests on the spot.
– Depending on the development of the pandemic, travelers coming from some countries with high Covid-19 contamination risk are banned from entering the country. For this reason travelers should update their travel to Albania information, usually with the help from their embassies in Albania.
On arrival in Albania, you will be required to present a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR Covid-19 test which was made in the last 72 hours.
Thanks to the vaccination and travel policies implemented in Albania, the last 6 months Albania is not in the list of countries banned from traveling to most of the EU member countries.
Notice: For the latest update on the Covid-19 protocol of entering and leaving Albania, please visit the Tirana Airport official website below:
Tirana International Airport

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