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Montenegro is certainly one of the most interesting places in the world and one of TOP WORLD TOURIST destination (according by Lonely Planet, …).

Even though it covers solely around 14.000 km2 and it only has about 670.000 citizens, its contribution to the world cultural heritage is impressive comparing its size.

During centuries of its rich history Montenegro has survived and remained one of the brightest models for the fight for freedom, for its own existence, and a place of which people always spoke with respect. Christian, Muslim, Illyrian, Byzantine, Turkish, and Slav civilizations merged here making Montenegro forever a crossroad of culture and history.

Border crossings (Montenegro):
Albania – Bozaj and Sukobin
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Sitnica, Vilusi, Scepan Polje
Croatia – Debeli brijeg
Serbia – Brodarevo
Kosovo – Kula

Ports (Montenegro):
Bar, Budva, Kotor and Herceg Novi Find more …

Airports (Montenegro):
Podgorica and Tivat (Cilipi – Croatia).

ATM`s & cards (Montenegro):
There are ATM machines in almost every city.
MasterCard, Maestro and Visa cards can be used for payment in many shops and gas stations. Other cards are accepted in some of the Banks in Montenegro.

National parks (Montenegro):
Durmitor, Biogradska gora, the lake of Scadar, Lovcen. and more …

Important phone numbers (Montenegro):
1181 – Information, 122 – Police, 123 – Fire fighting, 124 – Health Emergency, 19807 – Information and help on the roads.

Country Montenegro
Visa requirementsTemporary Visa regime (Montenegro):
Andorra, Australia, Israel, the Republic of Island, Canada, the Republic of Korea, Lichtenstein, the Principality of Monaco, the Kingdom of Norway, New Zealand, the Republic of San Marino, the Republic of Singapore, the United States of America, the Confederation of Switzerland and the representatives of Vatican may enter and stay within the territory of Montenegro up to 90 days and may be in transit over the territory of Montenegro on the basis of a valid travel document.
Republic of Austria, the Kingdom of Belgium, the Republic of Greece, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Italy, the Republic of Ireland, the Republic of Cyprus, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Latvia, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Republic of Malta, the Republic of Hungary, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Portugal, Slovak Republic, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Finland, the Republic of France, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland may enter and stay within the territory of Montenegro up to 90 days and may be in transit over the territory of Montenegro on the basis of a valid travel document.
The nationals of the Republic of Albania, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Ukraine may enter and stay in Montenegro for the purpose of tourist visits individually or in package tours, on the basis of a valid travel document without a visa, with the issuance of a tourist visa. A tourist visa is issued by an administrative body in charge of border crossing checks, free of charge, with the validity period of 30 days.
Knights of the Maltese Order may enter Montenegro without visas and stay up to 90 days or be in transit over the territory of Montenegro.
Languages spokenMontenegrin (standardized variety of the Serbo-Croatian language).
Currency usedEuro
Area (km2)13.812 km2
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